Personal Long-Term Care in a Small Home Environment

Grace House of Windham offers a unique approach to long-term care. We believe that a small home environment brings warmth and intimacy to the care of our residents. Each resident is treated as an individual while creating an atmosphere that is as small and personal as the privacy of your own home. From the moment you walk through the door, our staff will greet you as part of the family.

Unique Residential Care

Grace House of Windham truly is a unique residential care home in Southern New Hampshire. Because of our small size, answers are immediately provided to adult children and caregivers with questions or concerns, something a traditional nursing home cannot offer. We are committed to offering your loved one the very best quality in personal and private long-term care.

Our highly trained and committed team of professionals share a common philosophy in caring for our residents. Our focus and dedication are aimed at spending quality time with each individual, every day, in a manner that best suits his or her needs. Respect and compassion towards each resident is always a priority.

Make Yourself at Home Here at Grace House

Grace House of Windham welcomes all family members to our home. It is a place where you can spend quality time with your loved one, whether it be sharing a cup of coffee or just relaxing on the patio. We encourage you to make yourself at home here at Grace House.

We are the caregivers. Let our family take care of your family.